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The Dev Cropper Memorial Award was launched in 1999. It is a financial award given to a third-year student at the London School of Economics (LSE) in recognition of their contribution to student and community life. The nature of this award is important. It does not reward scholastic or athletic achievement. It is not tied to any discipline, faculty or demographic. Instead, it shows appreciation for the public spiritedness that drives a student to reach beyond the personal sphere to help others.

Whether their input was made through an aid or outreach programme at LSE or outside of the university with a national or international philanthropic organisation, it acknowledges the importance of “giving something back”. The Foundation’s motto, “Life is About More than Personal Advantage”, is actually a quote from Brendan Cox, the first recipient of the award.

In the first instance, the Foundation committed resources to an annual award for five years. In 2004, we decided to extend the award for a further five years. LSE has since pledged its own resources (matching the Foundation’s renewed promise), ensuring the ongoing provision for the award up to the academic year 2013-2014. This is the essence and evidence of the catalytic approach: Start something worthy and enabling, and it will transcend the original capacity.

In 1998, Dev, the only child of John and Angela Cropper, died suddenly of heart failure. He was a final-year student at LSE. Dev was actively involved in student politics, wrote for the student newspaper The Beaver, and campaigned against racism and the international arms trade. He also volunteered with Action Against Hunger. The Dev Cropper Memorial Award allows students who share that sense of civic responsibility to pursue their work.


Ritesh Doshi (2000/2001)
After graduating from LSE, Ritesh spent five years working in investment banking and private equity. He has worked in Southern Sudan (with USAID), East Africa and Ghana where he has used his expertise to help subsistence farmers develop business skills.

Hazel Mowbray (2004/2005)
Hazel graduated from LSE with a first class degree in international relations and history. She then pursued an MSc in Development Studies, also at LSE. For two years she worked with the United Nations World Food
Programme in Malawi while completing a distance learning post-graduate diploma in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London. She has worked in the private sector since 2008, but returns to the public sector in 2010 when she joins the diplomatic stream at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Louise Robinson (2007/2008)
Louise graduated from LSE in 2008 with a BSc inSocial Policy and Economics. She is currently an analyst at Citi.

Nik Adhia (2010/2011)
Nikhilkumar Vipin Adhia (Nik Adhia) is currently 21 and entering his third year studying at the London School of Economics (LSE). Fuelled by the motto to ‘Lift as you climb’ echoed by his mentors Keith Webb and Kevin Coutinho on the Merrill Lynch Atlantic Fellowship in 2007, Nik has utilized the funding to launch an organisation called Inspower. Inspower is a grassroots youth-led movement that supports individuals to selflessly give their time. Nik hopes that this movement will live up to the values and beliefs that Dev himself stood for.

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