This project was designed to address the issue of land degradation and seeks to build capacity of small-scale subsistence farmers within the Northern Range to implement sustainable farming practices (SFPs), explore opportunities for improving livelihoods and food security, and reduce the negative environmental impacts of unsustainable hillside farming. In meeting its objectives, the project will address the following environmental issues in the use of unsustainable land clearing practices by farming communities on hillsides, such as slash and burn, which can increase soil erosion and water runoff, thereby exacerbating flooding in low-lying areas at the foothills of the Northern Range. The project developed: A Baseline Assessment of farming conditions in the three target farming communities; the participatory design of strategies for implementing sustainable farming practices in the farming communities; capacity development in community governance in the farming communities; and implementation of SFPs in one of the selected watersheds.


Community Livelihoods and Resilience


Natural Capital