Our Programmes

The Foundation’s work is structured along a programmatic basis, through which projects are designed and implemented to meet the overall goals of the programme areas. Projects are able to overlap and inform multiple programme areas, in keeping with the philosophy that development is meant to be inter-disciplinary.

Our programme areas are informed quite deeply by the work of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As outlined in the MA, the foundational aspects of Human well-being are:

  • the basic material for a good life (including adequate livelihoods, food); health (having a healthy environment, access to clean water etc);
    • good social relations (mutual respect and empathy);
    • security (including having access to natural resources and safety from natural disasters etc); and
    • freedom of choice and action (ability to do what makes you happy).
Core area 1

Natural Resource Governance and Management

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Core Area 2

Community Livelihoods and Resilience

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Core area 3

Arts for Development

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